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1. Why should we pay attention to low back pain

2 The harm of low back pain

The cause of low back pain

3.1 Age factor

3.2 Sex factors

3.3 Body weight effect

3.4 Effect of lousy posture

3.5 Influence of lousy living habits

3.6 Career-related factors

4. how can elderly gardeners avoid waist strain

Why should we want to value low back pain

Low back pain is a daily pain, being relieved by many people with rest, medication, and physical therapy, but the areas that need to be paid attention to in everyday life are often more likely to be ignored. Due to the lack of attention in everyday life, low back pain is easy to relapse, and the pain will be more evident later. Various complications and activity disorders will seriously affect people’s work and daily life, which brings a variety of constant pain to patients and dramatically increases the burden on patients, families, and even society.

The harm of low back pain

Related studies have shown that low back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide. Low back pain is characterized by high prevalence, high recurrence rate, and high disability rate. The Lancet has pointed out that more than 500 million people worldwide suffer from low back pain. Therefore, we must strengthen the public’s attention to low back pain.

Epidemiological research survey shows that the disability rate of low back pain can reach 11% -12%. Discogenic low back pain is a common chronic low back pain and the leading cause of disability worldwide. Ordinary people occasionally haveck pain, generally after a period of rest, can recover. However, if it is a long-term recurrent lower back pain, it will lead to different degrees of pain and activity disorders, affecting work and life. With the progress of the disease, the degree of low back pain is becoming more and more serious. Many patients have severe pain, straight waist, can not move to the ground, and even the ability to take care of themselves will be seriously affected.

The cause of low back pain

age factor

Low back pain is a common health problem in middle-aged and elderly, and this disease is mostly common in people over 45 years old. However, it should be noted that in recent years, more and more young people are troubled by low back pain, and the onset age of low back pain shows a trend of more youthful generation.

Gender factors

Some studies believe that men are more likely to develop lower back pain than women, which has a specific correlation with the nature of their work. Men are more engaged in heavy physical labor, torsion, lifting, and other movements are more likely to lead to waist injury, so the incidence of low back pain in men is higher than in women. However, relevant research scholars point out that with the change in social labor structure, the proportion of heavy physical labor gradually narrowed. The need for long-term fixed posture work gradually increased. women’s activity is less than men’s, so women engaged in improved posture labor for a long time are more likely to have symptoms of low back pain.

Weight effects

Obesity is a global health problem; obesity can not only increase the burden on the body but is also one of the risk factors for low back pain. Excessive weight will increase the wear and tear on the joints, especially the burden and wear of the spine. And unreasonable physical exercise in obese people will aggravate low back pain to some extent. In lightweight people, the lumbar back muscle tissue is relatively tiny, and ligament strength is relatively weak, which easily causes the decline of the stability of the spine; the instability of the spine easily leads to lumbar disc herniation and then causes the emergence of low back pain.

Bad attitude influence

Under normal circumstances, the human lumbar spine is not entirely straight, but there is no physiological curvature. After entering the 21st century, the number of people working at their desks for a long time has gradually increased. The long-term incorrect sitting and lying posture will lead to the normal physiological curvature of the lumbar spine changes. In daily work, if the lumbar spine is in the state of anterior or lateral curvature for a long time, the load of the lumbar disc will increase. In the long run, it will lead to the degeneration of the lumbar disc and then the symptoms of lower back pain, so lousy posture will increase the chance of lower back pain.

Lousy living habits affect you.

A survey of patients with low back pain showed that more than 67% of all patients with low back pain had a previous history of smoking, suggesting that smoking is a significant cause of lower back pain. This correlation may be related to smoking causing lung disease, which can cause cough, leading to increased internal disc and spinal pressure. In addition, smoking may lead to lower blood volume in the lumbar vertebra, osteoporosis, and other problems, leading to lower back pain.

Career-related factors

Heavy physical labor is the most critical inducing factor of low back pain. Most epidemiological studies show that the risk of low back pain increases for occupational people in heavy physical labor. Repeated push and pull, lifting heavy objects and other movements, so the intervertebral disc degeneration, lumbar muscle, and ligament strain increase, and then cause lower back pain.

Still posture working population: the back and back muscles support the whole trunk and participate in movement, but it is also easy to cause strain injury. Long-term static posture can lead to passive traction of the back muscles, damage the lumbar spine’s stability, and the symptoms of low back pain.

How can the old gardeners avoid waist strain?

We can see that among the above vulnerable people, the elderly gardeners have formed a high degree of overlap. Long-term bending work is unfriendly to the lumbar spine of elderly gardeners with lousy living habits to prevent life difficulties caused by lumbar pain; what should we do?

Pay attention to labor health. Waist force should be appropriate; not vigorous weightlifting, not bearing weight for long, sitting, lying, or walking to maintain the correct posture. Regularly relax the waist muscle gymnastics if you need to do the waist force or bending work. These methods can prevent waist part strain.

But the most important thing is to choose the correct height of the garden bed products; the size of the metal garden bed products is the most diverse among the same type of products, and the range of choice is the most extensive, from 7 inches to 32 inches in a variety of height choice, and the color compared to other materials for the option is also rich.

A strain straight plate and curved board mainly connect the metal garden Andrew connection fixed; such collocation can form a variety of models suitable for various garden bed garden styles, but it also can help the garden to create a variety of other garden paths. Metal paint coating collocation can adapt well to outdoor work, is easy to clean, and at the same time, will not easily be by outside rain wet rust. With good plasticity, metal steel plate can accommodate not produce too much soil and cause the phenomenon of bed body disintegration; if the bed body is depressed, you also can use a simple tool for its recovery; restored products on the primary function will not receive any impact, will not let you spend a lot of time in the express and waiting for after-sale.


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