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How to choose the material of the garden bed?

1. Why use a raised garden bed

2 Wooden garden bed

2.1 Advantages and disadvantages of wooden garden beds

2.2 Hazards of spliced wood

2.3 Maintenance costs of wooden garden beds

3 Plastic garden bed

3.1 Advantages and disadvantages of plastic garden beds

3.2 Environmental hazards of plastic garden beds

4 Metal garden bed

4.1. Advantages and disadvantages of metal garden beds

4.2 Recycling of the metal garden beds

5. Conclusion

1 Why use a raised garden bed

 An elevated garden bed recently in gardening enthusiasts’ circle raised a wave; the protruding garden bed can make a lot of gardeners avoid land reclamation when the considerable workload, can also maximize the interference of native soil plants to provide a better growth environment, let underground plants more space to grow fruit will growmore whole, in addition, to raise the garden bed away from the lawn, can avoid mole interference, also can make your home garden work partition more clear.There are many different materials for the elevated garden bed on the market, and many people will have many questions about the choice of material. Let’s look at the common garden bed material on the market and their advantages and disadvantages. I hope to help you choose the right garden bed.

2 Wooden garden bed

2.1 Advantages and disadvantages of wooden garden beds

Solid wood garden beds are transported to avoid excessive size and generally use customized services; after you measure your garden size, Choose the right size of the garden bed wood after the mail. Dating is usually required during installation; use the metal parts for the connection; the wooden garden bed is very environmentally friendly, except for the metal connections. The wood part can be completely decomposed in the natural environment (the service life is about three years), But as urbanization continues to proceed, Many cities have native large pieces of wood that need to go elsewhere for even some wooden garden beds; if fumigation, towing, and disinfection are not done before the factory, Most likely to carry pests into other countries, If the target country happens to have no natural enemies of such problems, It can cause ethnic invasion to cost the target countries very much. It is suggested that gardeners should choose institutions with professional qualifications to buy solid wood. If they accidentallybelievey wood with insects, they should report it to the relevant departments or the pest control company for treatment if they cannot distinguish the species.

2.2 Hazards of spliced wood

The screening of wooden garden beds is arduous. Many businesses will use splicing wood for manufacturing to yield low prices. The splicingtimberd used as the garden bed will lead to the disintegration of the garden bed under the influence of continuous fertilization in the planting process, and the service life of the garden bed cannot be guaranteed. In addition, many people are afraid that wooden garden bed purchases are easy to buy because of wood waste and benzene glue suppression .In synthetic wood, the wood formaldehyde content is much higher than traditional solid wood; once the formaldehyde exceeds serious, mild throat, severe carcinogenic, for the health of family members can cause a significant threat, especially the low resistance of children and older men. Because these two types of wood contain benzene glue components, the smoke produced by combustion mainly includes sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, dust, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons, fluoride, etcn. The main hazards include acid rain, photochemical smog, ozone hole, greenhouse effects, and leading weather changes, such as El Nino. Some produce benzaldehyde, ketone musk, 2-hydrocarbon-3-formic acid resistance, phosphorus trichloride, phosphorus trichloride, p507, p204, salicylaldehyde, alkaline rose, alkaline peach intermediate, bromine acid, H acid can be serious carcinogenic.

2.3 Maintenance costs of wooden garden beds

Based on the three years of use of the wooden garden bed, the maintenance cost is $40 a year, not including the money, energy, and time spent on shipping, painting, assembly, and drilling.

3 Plastic garden bed

3.1 Advantages and disadvantages of plastic garden beds

The shape of this kind of garden bed is unique; the weight is also very light and economical, but the plastic material is easy to grow in the process of toxic substances resulting in the soil in the bed pollution, affecting the growth of plants. The plastic garden bed is biggest drawback is not heat resistance; they are vulnerable to the influence of temperature, which leads to deformation. long-term weight can lead to the bed body shape bending deformation. in a sunny environment, plastic material is prone to aging and brittle if some external force impact can easilyse cause the bed disintegration, givegivingr the garden finishing process a lot of trouble.

3.2 Environmental hazards of plastic garden beds

Using plastic products is significantly not environmentally protection; plastic products use buried method processing will make garbage in the soil in 200~1000 decomposition, will be severed harm soil structure, and the combustion method of air pollution and produce toxic and harmful gases, toxic gas with the polluted air sucked into people’s lungs, liver, kidney and damage to the central nervous system.It causese a vicious circle of worse and worse ecological environment. If you do not properly dispose of plastic products, waste plastic products mixed in the soil accumulate and erode the soil, affecting the absorption of water and nutrients by crops, resulting in crop production and pollution of groundwater pollution. PPlastic garden beds have the shortest life and are the most harmful products among the three materials; sourcing such products for planting is not recommended.

4 Metal elevated garden bed

4.1 Advantages and disadvantages of metal garden beds

Metal material is a lot of recent social media products; this kind of metal product weight is appropriate, and in the process of transportation, only a carton can pack all the accessories and product body; 8 inches 4 in 1 product only needs 5.5kg, adults can easily assembly, and equipped with metal lining rubber, tough texture at the same time also can protect the customer in the process of body will not be product cohesion relatively sharp place to cut. The metal elevated garden bed is made of high-quality aluminum, magnesium, and zinc, which are solid, durable, and have strong plasticity. The environmental protection paint coating can ensure that the bed body is not easily corrupted by the acidic elements in the soi and add a layer of the umbrella to the bed body.Averagel service life of up to 30 years. Metal material is more friendly to plants far away from the equator. The metal has better heat conductivity than other materials, which can warm the soil in the bed earlier and provide a better environment for the growth of plants.

4.2 Recycling of the metal garden beds

In theory, metal products can be almost unlimited recycling, so metal recycling for environmental protection, energy, and water utilization has brought a significant opportunity for waste metal recycling and reuse, saving the earth’s resources, energy consumption, and cost, shortening production process cycle and contribute to low carbon, resource-saving green economic transition, from environmental protection, improve the human ecological environment, practicability, transportation, environmental protection degree and so on various aspects of metal elevated garden bed is a good choice.

5 Conclusion

 Overall, a metal garden bed is the best choice for enthusiasts. metal material than wood will be better screening, and the weight will be relatively light without drilling and need help to install in the garden; the product chooses more outer coating and can adapt a variety of garden style plasticity is more robust, the most important is the service life of metal garden bed is longer, the average product maintenance cost is lower.

Metal garden beds have higher recovery than plastic garden beds, Basically to achieve zero pollution to the local environment. The overall vulnerability rate for working in garden beds outdoors will be much higher After aging. Still, with an impact, Then the garden will take a lot of time and energy; by contrast, metal garden beds have the highest life span of 30 years in outdoor environments; the screws connecting the metal components also use high-quality corrosion-resistant screws, Can help the metal components in the long-term planting and fertilization process to prevent the bed body disintegration, If case of an accident during transportation, You can use your wrenches and other tools to get to the correct position, Greatly reduced the generation of waste products. The metal garden bed is the best choice to create your dream garden bed.


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