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Vegetable Growing Boxes For Garden Planting

Product Features

  1. Robust Pest and Weed Defence: Vegetable Growing Boxes for Garden Planting provide a secure barrier against insects and weeds, fostering a favourable environment for plant growth.

  2. Wide-ranging Design and Material Selection: These boxes exhibit diverse design options and material choices. Timber is a common selection, but other materials, such as galvanized aluminium, are available, enabling customization according to individual preferences.

  3. Enhanced Corrosion Resistance: Constructed from galvanized aluminium, these boxes offer superior corrosion resistance compared to standard steel due to a higher Zn Ratio Index. This attribute contributes to the product's extended lifespan, making it an optimal choice for outdoor cultivation.

  4. Efficient Threaded Inserts: The boxes feature high-quality threaded inserts in their fixed parts, which counteract soil pressure, corrosion, and natural geothermal expansion and contraction. This not only prolongs the box's service life but also improves its aesthetic appearance.

Are you looking for metal raised garden beds manufacturers?

Who are we?

Green Giant, a reputable manufacturer in the gardening industry, specializes in high-quality, custom and wholesale metal raised garden beds and tree surrounds. With nearly two decades of experience, we offer durable products designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

Our family-owned business is dedicated to providing cost-effective solutions that meet the unique needs of both homeowners and professional landscapers. We offer various sizes, shapes, and designs of raised garden beds, all customizable to fit any space. Additionally, our Bespoke Raised Garden Beds are tailored specifically to your requirements, ensuring a long-lasting and elevated gardening experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answers to your most common queries regarding our companies and services to get a smooth start.

What are the best containers to plant vegetables in?

The best containers for planting vegetables offer a balance of functionality and durability. Earthbox® is a popular choice due to its self-watering feature. Other suitable options include wooden planter boxes, plastic containers, terra cotta, glazed ceramic, and even five-gallon buckets. Each container type offers distinct advantages, such as aesthetics, cost-effectiveness, or longevity.

What vegetables to put in planter boxes?

A variety of vegetables can thrive in planter boxes. Leafy greens, potatoes, and peppers are often successful. Tomatoes, squash, peas, and carrots also perform well, especially in larger containers like five-gallon buckets. For smaller containers, shallow-rooted crops, herbs, or seedlings may be more suitable.

How deep should a planter box be for vegetables?

The depth of a planter box for vegetables should correlate with the root depth of the chosen plants. As a rule, a 5-gallon container or a planter box with a depth of approximately 12 inches would suffice for most vegetables, including tomatoes, squash, peas, and carrots. For shallow-rooted crops, a smaller and shallower container can be used.

How to build a box for a vegetable garden?

Building a box for a vegetable garden involves selecting a suitable location with ample sunlight, deciding on the size and height of your bed, then constructing a frame using durable materials like wood or metal. Once the frame is built, ensure there’s adequate drainage, then fill the bed with a mix of topsoil and compost. Plant your vegetables with appropriate spacing to prevent overcrowding.

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