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11-inch Raised Aluzinc Steel Garden Bed

Transform your outdoor space with our stylish 11-inch raised aluzinc steel garden bed. This durable galvanized steel is coated in an aluminium-zinc alloy for unmatched weather protection, while adjustable feet make it easy to set up on uneven surfaces and drainage holes promote proper water flow. Whether you want a beautiful flower garden or a bountiful vegetable patch – this modern design will spruce up any yard!

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The new 11″ raised aluzinc steel garden bed is the perfect solution for a durable and attractive garden bed. Because this innovative product combines the rust resistance of galvanized steel with the weather protection of aluzinc to provide increased longevity, so making it a great option for those who want a garden bed that will last for years to come.

It is available in four colours, white, dark green, light green, and dark grey.

Explore Our Aluzinc Steel Garden bed

11-inch - 2-in-1 Garden Bed

If you’re looking for a raised garden bed for a small space or for growing herbs, this is it. The sturdy steel frame is easy to assemble and will last for years.

This raised bed has two functions: It can be used as a planter or a bench. It comes with two benches that fit perfectly into the corners of the frame.

Four Colors to Choose From White, Dark Green, Light Green, Dark Gray

11-inch - 4-in-1 Garden Bed

If you’re looking to start your own organic gardening, these 8″ deep/4 in 1 raised garden beds are for you. Because it Assembles in just 50 minutes, so easy, anyone can do it!

So it is the perfect raised garden bed for those looking for a wider, more stable bed that can support larger plants. This loft bed features heavy-gauge steel and galvanized steel construction for durability.

11-inch - 6-in-1 Garden Bed

This kit includes everything you need to start growing your own at home! Available in 4 colors: white, dark green, light green.

11-inch - 9-in-1 Garden Bed

The 11″ 9-in-1 metal raised garden bed is built with a unique design that allows you to add custom touches to your garden bed. The frame has 9 different configurations to choose from, so you can create the perfect look for your garden space. You can use this raised bed as a standalone planter or combine it with other metal beds for more variety in your yard.

11-inch - 12-in-1 Garden Bed

This 11-inch 12-in-1 Aluzinc Steel Garden bed has 12 shapes, which can be composed according to your different needs. And it is modular with 4 corner panels and 10 side panels, so it allows custom assembly into one of 12 different sizes.

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If you are Looking for an easy way to spruce up your backyard? Our 11” raised aluzinc steel garden bed is perfect for growing vegetables, flowers, herbs, and more!

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1, Robust and durable

Strong and durable best ZAM steel material,Easy to assemble and can be used as a patio planter or flower box.

2, Excellent heat dissipation

Excellent heat dissipation will not smother the plant roots due to excessive heat

3, Good water drainage capacity

Hollow bottom design helps plants drain better without getting wet

4, No pre-drilled holes required

Includes self drilling screws (our products come with free screws and hand wrench), so pre-drilled holes are not required

Our Happy Clients!

"I am so pleased! The quality of this 8″ Metal Raised Garden Bed is wonderful and it was easy to put together. With the help of a handyman, we had it up within 2 hours. I am in love with my new garden and I plan on ordering another one for my friend who just moved into her new house."
Jason Martin
"We recently purchased an 8" Metal Raised Garden Bed for our daughter, who is just beginning to grow her own produce. She loves it! The raised bed is spacious, yet not so high that it's too hard for her to reach. It arrived in 2 days and was easy to assemble. We will be purchasing another soon!"
Barbara Smith
"The 8 inch metal raised garden bed is the best set of garden beds I have ever bought. They are easy to assemble and very durable. My wife and I love them so much we use them for all of our gardening."
Mark Sommers

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