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Corrugated Raised Garden Planter Beds

Product Features

  1. Pest and Weed Defense: Corrugated Raised Garden Planter Beds provide an effective shield against detrimental insects and weeds, promoting a conducive growth environment for plants.

  2. Material and Design Flexibility: Although timber is frequently used, various material options exist, including galvanized aluminium. This versatility adds a customized aspect to garden beds.

  3. Enhanced Corrosion Resistance: Constructed from galvanised aluminium, these garden beds exhibit superior corrosion resistance compared to standard steel, attributable to a higher Zn Ratio Index. This feature prolongs the product's lifespan, making it suitable for outdoor gardening.

  4. Efficient Threaded Inserts: Incorporated into the fixed parts, these elements mitigate soil pressure, corrosion, and natural geothermal changes, thereby not only increasing the garden bed's service life but also improving its aesthetic value.

Who are we?

Green Giant, a reputable manufacturer in the gardening industry, specializes in high-quality, custom and wholesale metal raised garden beds and tree surrounds. With nearly two decades of experience, we offer durable products designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

Our family-owned business is dedicated to providing cost-effective solutions that meet the unique needs of both homeowners and professional landscapers. We offer various sizes, shapes, and designs of raised garden beds, all customizable to fit any space. Additionally, our Bespoke Raised Garden Beds are tailored specifically to your requirements, ensuring a long-lasting and elevated gardening experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answers to your most common queries regarding our companies and services to get a smooth start.

Can you use corrugated metal for raised garden beds?

Yes, corrugated metal can be used to construct raised garden beds. Its strength and durability make it a suitable material choice. The corrugation adds structural integrity, allowing for thinner and lighter materials to be used. Moreover, the reflective nature of such metals can help to mitigate heat absorption, ensuring that the soil temperature remains stable.

Is cardboard good for raised garden beds?

Cardboard can be beneficial in raised garden beds as a form of weed barrier. It can be laid at the bottom of the bed prior to filling with soil. As it decomposes, it enriches the soil with carbon and encourages earthworm activity. However, it should be noted that cardboard alone does not provide the necessary structure or durability for the bed itself.

How long do galvanized raised beds last?

Galvanized raised beds are known for their longevity. They are constructed from steel coated with a layer of zinc, which provides excellent resistance against corrosion. Depending on environmental conditions, these beds can typically last for about 20 years or more, making them a durable choice for gardeners.

Do galvanized raised beds get too hot?

While galvanized metal can heat up under direct sunlight, it does not typically cause the soil within the raised bed to become overly hot. The soil’s capacity to retain moisture, combined with the shade provided by growing plants, can help to keep soil temperatures in check. Therefore, while the beds may feel warm to the touch, they should not negatively impact plant growth.

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