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Raised Garden Beds: 15 Design Inspirations

Raised garden beds are one of the most practical and attractive arrangements for a beautiful backyard or patio. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your gardening space, create an edible landscape, or add some aesthetic flair, many design options are available to give your garden the look and feel you’re after.

Here are 15 gorgeous design inspirations that will help you get started with creating the perfect raised garden bed:

1. Patio garden beds made of bricks or wood

Create an outdoor oasis with a terrace garden bed! Crafted from bricks or wood, the raised flowerbed provides plants with improved soil conditions and nutrition. Gardeners can also utilize creative styles to customize their beds while maximizing available space for seating in their tranquil paradise. Enjoy growing herbs or vegetables beside your relaxing escape right at home!

Patio garden beds made of bricks or wood

2. Garden beds made of metal sheets

With ever-unpredictable weather patterns, taking necessary precautions for outdoor plants is essential. Investing in a garden bed made of sheet metal can protect against natural disasters such as frost and extreme temperatures by conserving heat from the sun’s rays. This gardening mainly benefits warm-weather plants like sage and lavender that require adequate warmth to thrive.

Garden beds made of metal sheets

Recommend viewing our metal raised garden bed range:

Metal Raised Garden Beds

3. Tall garden beds

Grow more of your favorite vegetables with raised garden beds! Utilize limited outdoor space to construct an aesthetically pleasing patio landscape that supplies a bountiful harvest. Experience the hard work and joys of farming through this unique gardening option.

32" Tall Metal Raised Garden Bed Benefit
32″ Tall Metal Raised Garden Bed Benefit

4. Spiral Garden Beds

A popular way to create a stunning herb garden on your patio is by stacking materials like stone, wood, or brick. This eye-catching geometric design will provide more space for planting and a unique aesthetic that brings visual interest and intrigue to any outdoor area!

Spiral Garden Beds

5. Arched Greenhouse-style Garden Beds

Grow beautiful multi-season plants or veggies in any climate with a vaulted greenhouse garden bed. Enjoy the assurance that unpredictable weather and pesky critters won’t interfere – just like at Oregon State University’s popular, protective design!

Arched Greenhouse-style Garden Beds

6. Tiered Garden Beds in Steeply Sloping Yards

Gardeners with steeply sloping yards can add a touch of artistry and extra planting area by installing raised stone pads. These small steps create the illusion of tiered beds, allowing for more garden varieties in an otherwise challenging landscape.

Tiered Garden Beds in Steeply Sloping Yards

7. Trough Garden Beds

This simple DIY project will add industrial style and unique character to any outdoor space! Re-purpose an animal feeder as a garden bed for planting all kinds of flowers, herbs, or vegetables. After filling it up with soil and drilling some vent holes in the bottom, your metal trough garden bed is ready to go. Ensure the water level is topped off properly during hot summer days so nothing wilts away!

Trough Garden Beds

8. Customized Garden Beds

With creativity, you can transform any patio into an oh-so-chic landscape. This example uses straight lines and multiple garden beds to create the perfect balance between style and nature – think rustic décor with night lighting for cozy nights, potting shed storage solutions, and a bench so everybody can relax while admiring your green masterpiece!

Customized Garden Beds

9. Arbour-style Garden Beds

Transform your outdoor space into a stunning garden oasis with an eye-catching flower bed and arbor! Vertical gardening allows you to maximize the growth of plants while using minimal yard space. Think ‘gazebo’ style – vines on the upper pavilion soaking up sun rays without ever intruding upon or blocking those luxuriant blooms below, offering some much-needed shade protection, too! This multi-functional design is efficient and attractive for any home gardener who wants it all in one neat package.

Arbour-style Garden Beds

10. Garden Beds That Can Reconfigure the Space

Unconventional garden spaces don’t need to stay chaotic and crowded! You can create more perspectives within the space by forming pathways between beds. This not only creates an illusion of enhanced size but also adds seating areas that are perfect for outdoor break times.

Garden Beds That Can Reconfigure the Space

11. Colourful Concrete Blocks for Garden Beds

Garden beds made from colorful concrete blocks are as vibrant and stylish as practical. Combine new blocks with older, more aged ones to create a bed full of character – perfect for housing your beloved plants!

Colourful Concrete Blocks for Garden Beds

12. Tiered Pagoda Garden Bed

Unleash your creativity- the design possibilities for tiered pagoda garden beds are limitless. Assemble wooden frames, steel pipes, or metal washers to build a stunning and eye-catching multi-level flowerbed that will be admired by all who visit!

Tiered Pagoda Garden Bed

13. Using Garage Doors As Garden Beds

Garden beds are a great way to add style and atmosphere to any outdoor space. Thanks to their flexible components, they can be easily constructed with items on hand around the house – like this garden bed made of an upcycled garage door! It is aesthetically pleasing, and its unique resin allows for longevity without extra waterproofing or painting. Maintenance costs stay low while you immediately reap all the rewards of your fabulous new addition!

Using Garage Doors As Garden Beds

14. Sunken Garden Beds

The perfect balance between old-world charm and modern sophistication can be achieved with a sloped patio featuring terraced levels, sunken garden beds at sightline height, and rustic stone accents. This combination is ideal for an inviting atmosphere on hillside property; the tranquil flowerbeds will entice any onlooker to linger in its quiet beauty.

Sunken Garden Beds

Method of erecting retaining walls.

Image source:

15. Milk Crate Garden Bed

Milk crates provide a convenient and practical solution for edible air gardens, offering an attractive box garden bed that requires no drilling. However, it is essential to remember that patio gardening can become dry during hot summer months; regular monitoring of moisture levels will ensure your plants remain healthy throughout the season.

Milk Crate Garden Bed


Raised garden beds are a great way to add beauty and practicality to any outdoor space. Whether you want to upgrade your garden, create an edible landscape, or add some aesthetic flair, many design ideas are available. From rock-inlaid mosaic designs to water features and tiered plantings, these 15 inspirations offer something for every taste and budget. With so many options, you can be sure to find a raised garden bed that is perfect for your backyard or patio.


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