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The importance of plants climb pergolas


1. Why using plants to climb pergolas

2 Wooden plants climb pergolas

3 Plastic plants climb pergolas

4 Metal  plants climb pergolas

4.1.Advantages and disadvantages of metal climbing pergola

4.2The difference between high-quality metal climbing ivy shelves and ordinary metal

5. conclusion

1 Why use plants climb pergolas

For many gardeners, vine climbing plants are very suitable for plant types to decorate their gardens. They can be attached to walls or pillars, and with the continuous development of the season, they will produce different colors.

If untreated, the vines will climb to the surface of the wall and damage the surface of the wall. If this kind of vines has a structure similar to gas roots, it will continue to grow along the cracks in the wall, and eventually lead to the accelerated development of cracks in the wall. In daily life, the walls of climbing plants lead to an increase in flying insects, and in severe cases, it is easy to have snakes and mice that endanger the health of family members.

So if you need to plant vines, to provide a pergola is very important because they can not only better help us control the growth direction of plants, also can prevent plant growth and cause your cleaning difficulties, whether planting or ornamental, climbing pergola can bring you better effect, will also provide more convenience.

2 Wooden plants climb pergolas

The wooden garden climbing rattan frame is very light and can be randomly assembled into a variety of shapes. The edge of the hollow wood block is relatively rough, so it is recommended to choose a wood organization with professional qualification to choose the solid wood wood frame polished and brushed with wood wax oil. The wooden perangium is very environmentally friendly, Can break it down very well, Can be fully recovered except for the metal connector, But the fibers of wood can easily deform or crack when working outdoors, With strong winds in your area, If you can’t evacuate the cane in time, it may be broken by the wind, And the fiber of wood buried in the soil is easy to attract many small bugs in the soil, Wood fibers are not as resistant to corrosion in the soil as other materials do, So if you plan to use a wooden cane, you suggest you replace it in 2-3 years, And in the bad weather in time to climb the pergola evacuation.

3 Plastic plants climb pergolas

Plastic climbing rattan has a unique shape, the weight is also very light, economical, but the plastic material is easy to be corroded in the soil process to produce toxic substances resulting in the soil in the bed pollution, affecting the growth of plants. Plastic climbing pergola is the biggest drawback of not heat resistance, vulnerable to the influence of temperature and cause deformation, long-term weight can lead to the bed shape bending deformation, in the sunny environment, plastic material is prone to aging brittle, then if some external force impact is easy to cause the bed disintegration, give your garden finishing process increase a lot of trouble. Plastic products are not environmental protection, no matter the use of buried or burning method will cause great pollution to the environment, buried method of plastic will constantly instruct soil pollution, crop nutrient absorption cause crop production, burning method of liver, kidney and central nervous system damage at the same time will also cause a vicious circle of ecological environment. Plastic climbing rattan frame is suitable for simple decoration during the festival celebration, and it is stored in the dark place after the festival, which is not suitable for long-term outdoor planting work.

4 Metal  plants climb pergolas

4.1.Advantages and disadvantages of metal climbing pergola

Metal material climbing rattan is a wise choice, the weight of the metal climbing rattan relative for the above two will be a little heavier, but the assembly is very easy, only need simple screws, nuts and gasket can easily complete the assembly work, in transport metal climbing rattan can be divided into a lot of packaging delivery, smaller volume save transportation costs at the same time also suitable for no car or car space petite customers to buy home. In theory, metal products can be recycled 100%. The characteristic of continuous metal recycling provides a lot of help to various industries, and the environmental protection saved in resource recycling far exceeds the maintenance cost of many years before, so the use of metal products is the best solution from the perspective of economy, resources and environmental protection.

Moreover, the metal climbing rattan frame can be connected with the metal underground wire mesh, which not only makes the climbing rattan frame more stable in the windy weather, but also can better help the garden bed to solve the problem of small carious animals entering the garden bed.

4.2The difference between high-quality metal climbing ivy shelf and ordinary metal

Many businesses in making a lot of ordinary metal climbing rattan will choose inferior metal and ordinary paint coating is used ordinary metal and basic paint coating, the ordinary paint is easy to block in the outdoor environment, off after ordinary metal materials will be exposed to the air, air water vapor and pollutants will cause ordinary metal ontology oxidation erosion, climb the thickness of the rattan about 0.45mm-0.55mm in general, many businesses in order to save cost will make steel pipe thinner than the market average, once in the outdoor environment erosion will be easily broken, increase the cost of many replacement. Hulk garden climbing pergola is selected and garden bed with special garden plate, thickness in 0.55mm-0.6mm can be very good against the wind, and after the face of rain erosion, the Hulk proprietary garden bed plate has the repair, and under the condition of neutral salt spray test, special garden plate because zinc is high so the greater the incision corrosion resistance. The characteristics of not easy corrosion can greatly increase the service life of the product, which is very suitable for outdoor planting work. The Hulk’s pergola uses green paint that meets international standards and does not kill or reduce plants in the soil by encountering chemical fertilizer in the soil.

5 conclusion

Metal climbing rattan frame is currently the optimal solution of all materials, not only can well resist the interference of outdoor environment, but also can be combined with the metal accessories of the same material, can help you solve a lot of problems. Plastic perangers are easy to pollute the garden environment, and the risk of weathering and fracture, which is not conducive to the growth of plants and also increases your garden workload. Wooden rattan frames can be selected, but it is recommended that you replace it regularly, and close up the wooden vines in windy days. At the same time, you also need to prevent moth in the planting process. When purchasing, it is recommended to choose polished wood to prevent burrs from hurting you and your family.


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