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The role of climbing the vine rack


1. What is a climbing vine rack

2. Why do plants need  climbing vine rack

3. Which plants need to climb the vine rack

4. How to choose pergola climbing for plants

1. What is a climbing vine rack

Perclimbing ola is a bracket composed of one or more segments of poles; the primary function is to provide support for plants or to use plants in different scenes to do different shapes and play a decorative role. There are a variety of vines on the market, in addition to the standard plaid and twigs and luxurious arches and balls, which can help the garden create various styles.

University of California, Napa County, gardener master Jill Rowley said he likes to use the fence or grid support to cultivate various plants. He can better prevent the wall by plant softening, try more modeling, prevent plant wanton growth on buildings and snake rats, and better protect the surrounding environment and the family’s health.

2. Why do plants need  climbing vine rack

Plants use a pergola to help plants better support their fruit and branches in strong winds to prevent them from breaking off their limbs and leading to death.

Climbing rattan ola can help plants stretch better, increase the light area, help plants improve photosynthesis, and grow bigger and fuller fruits.

Increased ventilation between plants reduced the generation of humidity-related diseases such as mold.

Plants are more evenly distributed on the pergola, so spraying them makes penetrating easier.

Plants grown on a pergola can better trim the branches, improve the quality of the fruit, and change the appearance.

3. Which plants need to climb the vine rack

3.1 Chinese vine and Chinese rose

Vattan rose belongs to the four seasons of flowers; flowers are relatively large and colorful.

Rattan rose belongs to the climbing vine plants. It developed roots and muscular branches; each principal component is open, the highest growth can be up to 8 meters, and it has substantial disease resistance. It belongs to the famous garden decorations among gardening enthusiasts.

Combined with rattan climbing, it can produce a very stunning visual effect.


3.2 wisteria flowers

Wisteria flower is also a shared garden vine; the flowering period is mainly from April to June, and it has strong vitality. It is very suitable for scaffolding, rocks, and wall-greening materials and can also be used as a basin for planting.

The Wisteria flower is a temperate plant with strong adaptability to the climate and soil, and the main root of the Wisteria flower is relatively deep and shallow. It is a sage choice to climb a wisteria vine; wisteria grows a few pieces; if not wisteria, wisteria will affect the overall viewing feeling. The flower rack in pruning supports the wisteria flowers to reduce workload.

A checked cane shelf is used for planting and cultivation, and a lush purple vertical bouquet can be seen during the flowering time.


3.3 Grape

As the most common vine fruit, choose a suitable grape variety. The most important are the United States, Europe, and Musca-ding grapes worldwide. The common characteristic of these grapes is that they are all ideal for growth in warm and sunny places.

The more vines are planted, the better, so the higher the success rate. The recommended planting site is on the slopes and high mountains because these drainage conditions are better, and the sun is abundant. If conditions permit, you can plant the vines on a gentle slope. If you are in a cold area, it is recommended to grow grapes in sunny regions and avoid planting in low-lying areas and the bottom of pitches, where cold air is likely to gather and cause the grapes to freeze to death.

Remember to buy a grape climbing pergola in the process of grape seedling growth. As a vine-climbing plant, grapes must rely on a specific support structure to grow. It is recommended that your bracket be chosen a little more robust. Otherwise, the grapes can not bear the weight of the branches and leaves after the grapes grow, leading to fracture and the death of the grapes.


3.4  tomatoes

Many adults and children love tomatoes as a common vegetable; they have a sweet, sour, and sweet taste, and they are rich in vitamins and lycopene; these substances can help people remove free radicals and avoid the human immune system.

When the height of the tomatoes grows to about 20cm, we can observe once they become a little more vital, the plant branches will swing. We will start to climb for tomato seedling assembly, as the central support pole must be strong, and wire interface on the inside, avoid himself and his family. Avoid moving after the shelf is built. Remember to check the stability of the bracket after windy weather.


3.5, green beans

Green beans are suitable for growing in soft soil. They are a kind of plant that loves warmth and does not resist frost. The temperature range of germination is 20~30℃. The growth of green beans and fruits is harvested for a long time, so a lot of nutrient supply is needed. The plant height of green beans can grow to more than 3 meters high, requiring a construction bracket to climb and develop, so it can also be planted on the balcony.

  • How to choose pergola climbing for plants

In the process of plant growth, many people will climb below for decoration or other purposes. Our common climbing shapes include grid, bamboo, arch, and ball type.

The grid type is mainly suitable for plants not growing in an extensive range, which can control their growth drop, better control and manage their growth status, better manage their growth process, and harvest fruits. The most common uses of this kind of rattan climbing plant are loofah, green plants, etc.

The bamboo type is mainly suitable for the large-scale planting of some vegetables and fruits because, for fruit farmers, it can use the lowest cost to achieve the ability to disperse vine climbing plants, improve the photosynthesis area of melons and fruits, and help crops to achieve the effect of increasing yield.

Arch type mainly plays the role of decoration, generally suitable for sizeable scenic areas and some of the more expansive gardens; many people will choose the arch type because it matches the vines, the flower season, and the flower frame to the whole perception very shock, the arch shape design can be directly into the gate design, interact with people.

The ball climbing rattan frame is generally not very high; many families will use this shape. After the plant, the climbing vine grows into a small ball, covering the original surface of the support frame; it is adorable.

In addition to the difference in shape, the most important thing is the material difference, the current use of high-hardness plastic, wood, and metal.

High-hardness plastic is the easiest to damage among the three mainstream materials. Although this material has special treatment, the hardness will be much more complicated than ordinary plastic. Still, to reduce the transportation cost, the overall weight is very light—a plastic person with lightweight to resist windy weather. Plastic material works in the outdoor environment for a long time; it is easily caused by ultraviolet light, water, and other pollution caused by plastic degeneration. This time, as long as there is little external impact, it will cause the disintegration of the frame.

A regular company rA regular company recommends Wood Climb Company frames oil products so that it does not easily scratch you and your family. The wood will not appear so easy to break, and in the outdoor environment, it is still easy to cause deformation of the wood.

Metal is the most time-saving among the three materials. The high-quality special garden plate used by Hulk climbing pergola can last up to 30 years outdoors. The environmental coating buries it in the soil and will not pollute the ground when it is eroded by chemical fertilizer. It is a good planting helper that many gardeners like.


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