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Tree Surround: Everything You Should Know

A tree surround is an artificial structure that surrounds a tree. The purpose of a tree surround is to protect the root system from damage caused by lawnmowers and weed trimmers and protect the trunk and branches from damage caused by pets and children. Tree surrounds can also protect trees planted in areas where vehicles or snow plows are likely to be damaged, such as along roadsides.

Metal Tree Surround
Metal Tree Surround

What is a tree surround, and what does it do?

Tree surrounds are a popular option for protecting trees in your yard. Tree surrounds are made of metal or plastic and help to protect the tree bark from damage by preventing animals from digging underneath it.

Tree surrounds can be used with almost any species of tree. Still, they are accommodating for protecting trees growing near a pond, creek, or other body of water where they might be vulnerable to erosion or damage from animals such as beavers or raccoons.

When choosing the right tree surround for your needs, consider the size and shape of your tree and how much protection you need from animals that could cause harm to your trees.

Types of tree surround

There are many different types of tree surroundings. Some are simple, while others are more complex and may include multiple materials. The most common types of tree fence surround include:

  • Concrete blocks
  • Wood
  • Metal tree surrounds

Concrete blocks: These are usually used when the trees are at a young age or they’re planted in a permanent location. Concrete blocks can be painted or stained to match your home’s color scheme or be left natural in appearance. Concrete block surrounds offer a sturdy and secure structure that lasts years.

Wood: Wood is a popular option because it’s durable and easy to work with. It also has a classic look that works well with many different styles of homes. There are several different kinds of wood that you can use for this type of project, including cedar, pine, and redwood. When choosing wood for your project, ensure it’s pressure-treated to resist insects such as termites and fungi and rot from moisture exposure over time.

Metal tree surrounds:  Metal tree surrounds are a unique way to create an attractive and eco-friendly landscape. By strategically placing metal frames around trees, they can protect them from extreme weather conditions while allowing them to thrive. Metal tree surrounds also provide a barrier that helps protect against disease and pests, making it an appealing option for those looking to maintain their landscape over time with minimal maintenance. Additionally, metal tree surrounds can add aesthetic value and an overall sense of security as they are more difficult to damage or vandalize than other materials like wood or plastic.

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Tree Surround: Metal Vs. Wood

The best material for tree surround

Metal tree surrounds are the most popular and traditional choice. They’re durable, easy to install, and come in many colors, shapes, and sizes.

Metal tree surrounds are made of steel or aluminum and are available in several different styles. The most common type is a ring that fits around the tree’s trunk, but you can also find simple metal braces for tying back branches. If you have a young tree or one damaged by wind or ice storms, a metal tree surrounding may be just what you need to stabilize it until it’s mature enough to survive.

Metal tree surrounds come in several colors, including black, bronze, and galvanized steel. You can choose steel or aluminum options depending on your preference and budget. Metal tree surrounds are generally more expensive than other materials, but they’re also more durable — making them worth the added expense over time.

Metal Tree Surround
Metal Tree Surround

How to choose the right tree surround for you?

There are many types of tree surroundings, but you must consider a few things before deciding which is suitable for your yard or garden.

First, you must decide what tree you want to surround. A simple boxwood hedge is perfect if you’re going for an informal look. A topiary could be the way to go if you want something more formal and ornate.

Second, consider the time and effort involved in maintaining your tree surround. Knowing how much care it will require before starting any project like this is essential because it can be very frustrating if it takes longer than expected due to poor planning or inadequate maintenance. This is especially true when working with live plants. They can sometimes require more attention than anticipated due to changing weather patterns or unexpected pests/diseases that show up unexpectedly.

Third, consider the space around your tree or plants to decide what surround would look best based on the available room. For example, if there isn’t enough room around your plant for a traditional boxwood hedge, something else can be used, such as an open-border hedge.

The benefits of tree surround

Prevent damage from lawnmowers and snowblowers. Tree trunks are vulnerable to physical injury from lawn mower blades and snowblower augers. Tree trunks are softer than the mower blades, so when they hit each other, the tree’s trunk gets damaged and may die. The same is true if you hit a tree with a snowblower while clearing off your driveway after a snowstorm. A tree surround protects the trunk from moving blade edges or augers.

Protect against disease and insect infestations. When you’re working trees, you’re likely to come in contact with insects like gypsy moth caterpillars that can cause damage to leaves or even bark if left with you for long periods. Tree surrounds will keep these pests away from the tree’s trunk, helping to keep it healthy and strong. 

Tree surrounds are also an excellent way to protect children and pets from getting hurt while playing around your yard or nearby parks. Accidents with lawnmowers can happen at any time of year, but they’re most common during summer when kids are out of school and spending more time outside playing. Tree surrounds can help to protect against lawnmower accidents, which are often the result of children running into the path of a mower while playing in their yards. They also protect your tree from being damaged by pets that may chew on it or climb on it while they’re outside exploring.

Metal Tree Surround
Metal Tree Surround


Tree Surrounds are a relatively new fad that has taken off in residential applications and neighborhoods. To reiterate, there is nothing wrong with Tree Surrounds, but consider their benefits and drawbacks, especially if you’re considering using them on your property.


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